HEARD August 2019


August 2019
Friends refer friends.


In her book, Educated, Tara Westover provides an eye-opening account of her struggle to overcome adversity at home and within the educational system as a result of her extremists upbringings. The memoir reminds us all that education comes at a cost that isn’t necessarily monetary.

Such as –

Tara faced the tremendous obstacle of studying for the ACT against her family wishes, an act with relentless physical and emotional consequences. We’re talking about domestic violence (at the hands of an older bro, who threatened to kill her on more than one occasion) and a cultural perception of mistrust for the government and federal institutions (schools, hospitals, and law enforcement).

Yiiiikes. You can say that again.

But the trouble didn’t stop there. Next challenge? Actually taking the scantron testing. Her inexperience with bubble answer assessment meant figuring out the format of the assessment before she was even able to demonstrate her content knowledge. In other words, even after everything she went through just to be seated for the test, the format almost cost Tara her educational career.

Westover already won you over?

Then get to Baltimore for NCTE! Tara, along with a host of other authors, shed some light on the diverse experiences students face as they try to get educated.

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